What Are Your Go-To Summer Movies?

Previously on MovieFanFare, I’ve discussed how “it just ain’t summer without Burt” from Hooper is the best movie tagline of all time. But I realize that it also speaks to a larger issue: There are some films that people almost instinctively link with summertime viewing.

Jaws is a clear given, as is The Endless Summer. Because I initially saw them in the summer, I always associate the original Star Wars trilogy with the season…even though I continue to enjoy them all year long.

Other summer stalwarts for me include the original Point Break, and, over Labor Day due to the film’s setting, Stand by Me. Now that you’ve heard a little but what movies I enjoy watching during this time of year, I want to hear your thoughts. What are some films that you associate with summer and must watch, and why?

  • HarryReickle

    One we like and usually watch in the summer is The Way, Way Back. Lifeguard is another favorite.

  • Tom K.

    Every Summer my visiting nephew and I will watch: “Modern Times” and “The Circus” with Charlie Chaplin + “Young Frankenstein” + “Airplane”. This Summer we added, “Dr. Strangelove” !

  • woodroad34

    I find cheery musicals of the 40’s and 50’s from Warner Bros or 20th Century Fox to be the best: Moon over Miami, Romance on the High Seas, It’s a Great Feeling, Down Rio Way, etc.

  • Jared J Digirolamo

    Wet Hot american summer a funny goofy comedy movie easy rider is another one i enjoy stripes is a good one to choose and i say tombstone and the wild Bunch just to list some of my favs among others

  • Terri Navarra

    There’s nothing better that a summer trip to “Wally World” with Chevy Chase and the Griswalds in, “VACATION!” Hee-Sterical!!!!