Tell Us What Your Favorite Black and White Film Is and Why!

It’s Open Thread time again, and this week we’ve got a bit of a challenge for you. Why? Because we want you to name your favorite black and white film.

“Easy,” you may be thinking, “it’s Casablanca!” But bear in mind that we said black and white film, NOT classic film.

This is where your potential conundrum comes in. Because contemporary black and white films like Clerks or The Man Who Wasn’t There, Dead Man or other compelling indie fare are also in play here. (Of course, your favorite is going to be your favorite regardless of when it was released, so this may be a moot point).

Here’s what to do, in the comments below tell us what your favorite film is and why. Do you wish they made more films in black and white. Feel free to even discuss the colorization of movies — always a hot button issue among movie lovers. We are standing by eager to see what you have to say about this…

  • Bryan Ruffin

    I suppose, if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be Room For One More, with Cary Grant and Betsy Drake.
    This has got to be one of the best feel good movies ever made!
    A couple adopts children, but can never really afford them. They don’t have a mansion, so everybody has to share everthing they have. They learn to get by, but they also learn to truely love. They learn that love isn’t based on things, but on you.
    A great, family, feel good, movie!!

  • WDPjr

    ““Easy,” you may be thinking, “it’s Casablanca!” But bear in mind that we said black and white film, NOT classic film.”

    Yet all the great B&W films ARE classics! I mean, for example take Schindler’s List: even though it is a modern film, not made in the golden age of cinema, it still has “classic” written all over it if you ask me. It will still be watched and appreciated 70 or 80 years from now, just like Casablanca is.

    So for me, it has to be Schindler’s list, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Also Anatomy of a Murder.

    My “guilty pleasure” favorite B&W is In Harm’s Way. Nobody’s idea of a classic. Just an old chestnut of a John Wayne war film, sprawling plot and very long movie, perfect for a rainy afternoon.

  • Jared J Digirolamo

    Modern times with charlie chaplin

  • John

    The Third Man.