Create-A-Caption: The Prisoner

For this week’s Create-A-Caption we are taking you to the Village, the setting of Patrick McGoohan‘s mindbending 1960s television series The Prisoner. The series is perhaps best remembered for its provocative exploration of issues ranging from individuality to free will, but that overlooks that fact that it was, in essence, just captivating TV that is unlike anything that has been on the air before or since. (The less said about the ill-advised 2009 remake miniseries, the better).

Episodes like “Many Happy Returns” or “Living in Harmony,” illustrated that the show was more than willing to tamper with its general premise in the pursuit of challenging audiences. And nothing could prepare viewers then or now for “Fall Out,” the controversial series finale that still is kicking up debate a half-century after it originally aired. With The Prisoner currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of its original U.S. airing, we have taken an famous image from the program and added our own humorous caption below. Do so yourself in the comments below. Be seeing you!

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