The Patriotic Musical Majesty of “1776”

It may seem a bit on the nose given the fact that today is the 4th of July, but can we think of no better focus for today’s Movie Trailer of the Day post than 1776. This exciting cinematic retelling of Sherman Edwards and Peter Stone’s acclaimed Broadway production (it won a Tony for Best Musical), chronicles the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the titular year. Released in theaters in November of 1972, it has become a perennial favorite due not only to its reverential treatment of the source material, but also due to its rousing and song-filled exploration of the triumphs and hardships our Founding Fathers experienced during our country’s birth.

The impressive cast is highlighted by unforgettable performances from William Daniels as John Adams, Howard Da Silva as Ben Franklin, and Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson, and the unforgettable songs include “Sit Down, John,” “Yours, Yours, Yours,” “Molasses to Rum,” and “Is Anybody There?” Even when the calendar doesn’t have today’s date, 1776 always makes for an entertaining — and historical — watch. We think this one will make you stand up and cheer.