This Week’s New Releases Include “Acrimony” and “The Curse of the Cat People”

As we bid farewell to June, we say hello to another week of great new DVDs and Blu-rays. There’s much to be excited about in terms of what films are coming out this week, as potential viewing options include movies old and new, cult favorites, and more than a few under-the-radar gems that are just waiting to find a second life on home video. Take a look!


Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) demands a divorce when husband Robert (Lyriq Bent) reconnects with old flame Diana (Crystle Stewart) after years of spending Melinda’s money to fund a rechargeable battery business venture. And when Robert and Diana move in together, get engaged, and announce they’re having a baby, Melinda begins relentlessly harassing the couple until a violent confrontation becomes unavoidable. Writer/director Tyler Perry’s tight thriller co-stars Jazmyn Simon, Ptosha Storey.

The Curse of the Cat People

In this haunting, Val Lewton-produced sequel to the 1942 shocker, a lonely young girl with an overactive imagination suddenly makes two new friends: an aging, reclusive actress estranged from her own daughter, and, much more unusually, the spirit of her father’s first wife, who died believing she was descended from the titular race of “cat people.” Kent Smith, Simone Simon, Jane Randolph, Ann Carter, Julia Dean star; co-directed by Robert Wise (his directorial debut).

A Breed Apart

Mountain climber Mike Walker (Powers Boothe) is hired to steal endangered bald eagle eggs from a nest in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Reclusive Vietnam vet Jim Malden (Rutger Hauer) is determined to stop him. The two tough guys clash over beautiful local shopkeeper Stella Clayton (Kathleen Turner), but soon develop a grudging respect for one another, forcing Walker to think twice about finishing his job. Donald Pleasence, Brion James co-star in this rugged drama.


Based on a true story, this drama concerns an plane crash in the Andes in which the surviving members of a rugby team struggle to stay alive. With no other alternative food source available, they are forced to eat the bodies of dead passengers while they await rescue. Not for the squeamish, the film features graphic scenes of cannibalism. Hugo Stiglitz, Norma Lazareno, Luz María Aguilar star.

Escape Plan 2

For security expert Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone), sniffing out the flaws in supposedly impenetrable prisons remains good business. But when his trusted operative Shu (Xiaoming Huang) gets thrown into the state-of-the-art overseas supermax known as “Hades”, Breslin has to assemble an A-team of lethal experts to gain his freedom. Bust-out action sequel co-stars Dave Bautista, 50 Cent, Jamie King, Jesse Metcalfe.

The Virgin Spring (Criterion Collection)

A young peasant girl’s defilement and murder, her father’s oath of vengeance, and a spring that blossoms from the ground where the girl was killed…these are the elements in Ingmar Bergman’s Oscar-winning drama of life and renewal, based on an ancient Scandinavian legend. Max von Sydow, Birgitta Valberg, Gunnel Lindblom, Birgitta Pettersson star.

The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection: Vol. 2 (1966-1968)

Think pink with that star of screens both big and small, the Pink Panther, with an animated potpourri of crazy capers in which the felicitous feline always gets the upper paw. First created by DePatie-Freleng for the opening title sequence of the 1964 film comedy, the colorful cat slinked on to Saturday morning TV in 1969. This collection includes “Genie with the Light Pink Fur,” “Super Pink,” “Rock a Bye Pinky,” “Pinknic,” “Pink Panic,” “Pink Posies,” “Pink of the Litter,” “In the Pink,” “Jet Pink,” “Pink Paradise,” “Pinto Pink,” “Congratulations It’s Pink,” “Prefabricated Pink,” “The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye,” “Pink Outs,” “Sky Blue Pink,” “Pinkadilly Circus,” “Psychedelic Pink,” “Come On In! The Water’s Pink.” 20 cartoons on 1 disc.

In Darkness

Blind pianist Sofia overhears a struggle in the apartment on the floor above her, and it leads to the death of her neighbor Veronique. It is the start of a journey that pulls Sofia out of her depth and brings her into contact with Veronique’s father, Milos Radic, a Serbian businessman accused of being a war criminal. Sofia is drawn into a dangerous world of corruption, investigating police, hit men and the Russian mafia – a world with links to Sofia’s own hidden past. Natalie Dormer, Ed Skrein star.

Spinning Man

The investigation into the disappearance of a teenage girl leads Det. Malloy (Pierce Brosnan) to married college professor Evan Birch (Guy Pearce). Though Birch outright denies any connection to the missing young woman, evidence linking the two of them, his apparently foggy memory, and an inappropriate relationship with one of his students (Alexandra Shipp) combine to cause Birch’s life to begin to crumble. Minnie Driver, Odeya Rush co-star in this taut drama, based on the book by George Harrar.


In a neon-lit urban underworld, a dying teacher (Simon Pegg) looking for a fast out, a crippled janitor (Mike Myers) who knows more than he’s telling, and a pair of less-than-sharp hit men (Max Irons, Dexter Fletcher) trying to make good on their current job will find themselves played off one another by a gorgeous diner waitress (Margot Robbie) who’s far less ordinary than she seems. Stylish and snappy neo-noir thriller also stars Matthew Lewis, Katarina Cas, Jourdan Dunn, Nick Moran.


Personal assistant Jill LeBeau (Lola Kirke) had become proficient in cleaning up the never-ending career and personal messes left behind by Hollywood actress Heather Anderson (Zoë Kravitz). Having the misfortune to awaken from a bender with Heather shot–and herself a person of interest–she finds herself on the run as she tries to sift through the likely suspects. Intriguing contemporary noir co-stars John Cho, Michelle Forbes, Reeve Carney, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Ricki Lake.

Which of these will you be checking out? Let us know below!