Saddle Up to the Collectibles of “Westworld”

The second season of the mindbending TV version of Westworld comes to what will likely be a stunning conclusion tonight, so the natural choice for this week’s Sunday Funday post is to examine some of the collectibles spawned by the franchise.


There would be no Westworld series without the original Westworld movie. Twenty years before Jurassic Park hit theaters, Michael Crichton brought his first tale of amusement park terror to the screens with this 1973 sci-fi classic that starred Yul Brynner as the creepiest robotic gunslinger ever to ride the range.


Crichton has no involvement in the 1976 sequel Futureworld and the film underp-erformed during its original theatrical run. But despite that, this follow-up has developed a cult following…and elements from it were a clear influence on HBO’s Westworld series.

Beyond Westworld

The Delos saga first hit the airwaves in 1980 for the shortlived CBS series Beyond Westworld. Although goofy fun, this show had little resemblance to its source material and was quickly cancelled. Only three of the five episodes that were produced aired, although they are all featured in a DVD release that is a fascinating curiosity for true Westworld fans.

Given the HBO series’ popularity, Westworld has spawned numerous new items of merchandise — including a line of Funko POP! vinyl figures. Measuring at 3 3/4 inches tall and packaged in a collectible window box, characters like Bernard, The Man in Black, Maeve, Teddy, Dr. Robert Ford and Young Ford are included in the assortment.

Westworld Fleece Blanket

You can literally wrap yourself up in one of the show’s biggest mysteries with this fleece blanket that features the Maze iconography from the series.

Westworld Mugs

Hopefully your workplace is a bit more chill than Delos. Either way, you can coffee power through the day with these Westworld ceramic coffee mugs available in white hat or black hat varieties.

Westworld Socks

Discover your true calling with these stylish casual crew socks emblazoned with fun Westworld imagery!

Dolores’ Womens Saddle Bag

What do you get for the human (or host?) who has everything? Why not this fantastic replica of Dolores’ saddle bag that comes complete with a charm that reads “these violent delights have violent ends.”

Westworld Bobblehead

The creepy, awesome, skinless host from the opening credits has been recreated in bobblehead form from Foco Entertainment. Don’t worry, this won’t break its programming and wreak havoc on your collectibles shelf.

Westworld Hardcover Ruled Journal

You can write down your own vacation plans, or anything else really, in this 192-page journal.

These are just some of the many great Westworld items that are now available. For a complete list of all products, click here!

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