Share Your Thoughts on All Things “Grease” Here!

As Grease Week continues, we wanted to take a brief respite from sharing our thoughts on the film and hear what you have to say about it. Taking that into consideration, we’d like you to answer any and/or all of the following questions in the comments section below:

• When did you first see Grease? Share your memories of what that experience was like with us!

• Which character from the film do you most relate to? Are you a Sandy or a Danny?

• How many times have you seen the movie?

• What are your favorite songs/scenes?

• What would you change about Grease if you could?

• Why do you think the movie has endured for so many years?

• What couple from the film is your favorite?

• Has the film had any special relevance to your own life? If so, what?

Consider this Open Thread the place to discuss…well, the way YOU are feeling about Grease!