Poll: What’s Your Favorite John Travolta Performance?

Since it’s Grease Week, we have several polls inspired by the film running from now until Saturday. First up, we know you love him as Danny Zuko, but what is your favorite John Travolta performance? Vote below!

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  • Kerry

    I voted for Primary Colors (Jack Stanton) but also enjoyed his roles in Grease and Pulp Fiction. For some reason I also like him in Battlefield Earth but I’m maybe the only one who does?

  • Richard Peck

    I’m surprised Michael wasn’t mentioned. Interesting character and the “Chain of Fools” dance worked well

  • laustcawz

    I really have to call it a 3-way-tie: “Blow Out”–1981 (Jack Terri), “White Man’s Burden”–1995 (Louis Pinnock) & “Face/Off” 1997 (Sean Archer).