Bette Davis Is Unforgettable in “Jezebel”

Jezebel is the acclaimed film adaptation of Owen Davis’ beloved stage play. Bette Davis earned her second Academy Award for her performance as Julie Mardsen, a manipulative Southern Belle living in New Orleans as she spends her days stringing along fiancé Preston “Pres” Dillard (Henry Fonda). After losing her would-be love due to her stubborn pride and vanity, she vows to take extreme measures to get him back — until a yellow fever outbreak suddenly impacts both of their lives.

Jezebel was a box office sensation, and its story of redemption struck a chord with audiences. The picture was also a critical and commercial success, with Davis’ getting her aformentioned second Oscar as Best Actress, and Fay Bainter earning a Best Supporting Actress award for her performance as Aunt Belle Massey. It is now available on DVD as part of the Warner Archive Collection.