Here’s a Place to Discuss All Things Orson Welles

It was on this date back in 1915 that Orson Welles was born. The legend responsible for Citizen Kane (perhaps his most enduring achievement) and the Mercury Radio Theatre’s 1938 radio production of War of the Worlds — a history-making broadcast that had the dubious distinction of causing panic when several listeners, unaware that they were hearing an adaptation of an H.G. Wells story, believed that Martians had invaded New Jersey — remains a revered iconoclast.

For this week’s Open Thread, we want you to use the comments section to share your thoughts on Welles’ life, career and legacy. Tell us about your favorite roles from the actor and auteur — be it The Third Man or, um, Transformers: The Movie. And yes, you can feel free to discuss his infamous commercial appearances as well. Speaking of which, this will put a smile on your face:

Truly a man who was an absolute icon, take some time and let’s discuss Welles below.