The Pre-Code Classic “The Ship From Shanghai” Has Sailed to DVD

Originally released by MGM and now available on DVD via the Warner Archive Collection, the Pre-Code action classic The Ship from Shanghai follows a party of upper-crusters sauntering through the China coastwho thought it would be a big thrill to charter a sailing yacht for a leisurely three-month sojourn back to San Francisco. Unfortunately, the hastily assembled crew includes a steward (Louis Wolheim) with a pathological hatred of the rich…and they’re not long out to sea before he’s whipped the other hands into perilous mutiny.

This early talkie nautical thriller co-stars Conrad Nagel, Kay Johnson, Holmes Herbert, and Carmel Myers. It originally hit theaters on January 31, 1930, and with it finally making its DVD debut, this ship is once again sailing its way into the hearts of anyone who enjoys Pre-Code classics.