Poll: What’s Your Favorite Dennis Quaid Performance?

Always fantastic and criminally underrated, the great Dennis Quaid — whose faith-based drama I Can Only Imagine is currently in theaters — gives each role his all…even when the films he is starring in aren’t on the same level as his talents. For this week’s poll we want to know which performance by him is your favorite, so vote below!

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  • http://themidnitedrive-in.blogspot.com Quiggy

    Jaws 3 gets a spot but Dragonheart doesn’t? A sure sign of the end of the world.

  • Roger

    Did we forget a young Dennis in Breaking Away? Terrific and super work by him…Always had a cigarette dangling from his mouth….

    • Grace

      LOVED that movie!!

  • richardpeck

    I remember him taking a hit for his Cajun accent in The Big Easy but I sorta liked it

  • The Jimster

    You did not list several of my favorites: The Rookie, Breaking Away, and The Parent Trap. GI Joe was a terrible movie. Why even list it? Of the ones listed I liked him in The Right Stuff the best – after all he was the best pilot ever.

  • Penny Tafoya

    My favorite is as Julia Robert’s husband in “Something to Talk About.”

  • Mike B

    As a fan of boxing, I liked him in Tough Enough.