The 1967 Classic Thriller “Games” Arrives On Blu-ray

Newly available on Blu-ray from the Scream Factory imprint, Games is a diabolical thriller that stars Simone Signoret as Lisa Schindler, a German immigrant woman who, while peddling cosmetics door to door, happens upon bored Manhattan socialites Paul (James Caan) and Jennifer Montgomery (Katharine Ross). After revealing she possesses psychic abilities, the Montgomerys ask Lisa to devise strange and kinky games for them to play. But when one of her “games” turns deadly, all manner of twists and turns occur.

Originally hitting theaters on September 17, 1967, Games was distributed by Universal Pictures and immediately struck a chord with audiences due to its twists and turns. (A terrific cast helped matters as well, as Caan and Ross are exceptionally fantastic in their roles). The newly released Blu-ray edition of the film includes the original theatrical trailer and a photo gallery as special features. This makes it the definitive presentation of a fascinating suspenser from the 1960s…one whose impact hasn’t been dulled any by the passage of time.