“Daddy’s Home 2” and “The Florida Project” Kick Off This Week’s New Releases

This week’s new releases include recent family comedies, a powerful drama that is shaping up to be the darling of this year’s awards season, cult flicks, two new offerings from the Criterion Collection, and more fan-pleasing releases. Take a look at what Blu-rays and DVDs are now available for you to add to your own personal movie library!

Daddy’s Home 2

The holidays are approaching, and Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) is finally enjoying an effective co-parenting situation with his step-kids’ bio dad, Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg). But it could all come crashing down as the whole family spends Christmas together, joined by Brad’s emotionally in-touch father (John Lithgow) and Dusty’s tough-guy dad (Mel Gibson). Linda Cardellini, Alessandra Ambrosio, and John Cena also star in this hilarious sequel.

The Florida Project

On the shabby grounds of an Orlando budget hotel, youngsters Moonee (Brooklynn Prince), Scooty (Christopher Rivera), and Jacey (Valeria Cotto) are left to fend for themselves as their struggling parents eke out an existence on the margins of the tourist trade. A summer marked by mischief, adventure, and the de facto guardianship of the facility’s exasperated manager (Willem Dafoe) is memorably chronicled in this earthy, compelling drama. Bria Vinaite, Mela Murder, Caleb Landry Jones co-star.

An Actor’s Revenge (Criterion Collection)

While touring 19th-century Japan, kabuki performer/female impersonator Yukinojo Nakamura (Kazuo Hasegawa) tracked down the three prosperous merchants who had disgraced and driven his parents to suicide a generation before…and utilized his acting skills to lure them into a web of mutual betrayal and death. Kon Ichikawa’s color-splashed, powerful story also stars Fujiko Yamamoto, Ayako Wakao, Eiji Funakoshi. AKA: “Revenge of a Kabuki Actor.”

The Hero (Criterion Collection)

Between the breaking scandal on his bad-boy behavior and his latest project’s rotten reviews, dissipated movie star Arindam Mukherjee (Uttam Kumar) was glad to be grabbing a Delhi-bound train for an awards dinner. Coaxed into an interview by an attractive journalist (Sharmila Tagore), the disinterested leading man finds himself surprisingly opening up about his career shortcuts and character shortcomings. Satyajit Ray’s incisive industry study also stars Bireswar Sen, Somen Bose, Sumita Sanyal. AKA: “Nayak.”

Same Kind of Different As Me

Based on the memoir by Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent, this faith-based drama tells the true story behind the unlikely friendship between well-to-do Texas art dealer Hall (Greg Kinnear) and the homeless Moore (Djimon Hounsou). After cheating on his wife, Deborah (Renée Zellweger), Hall tries to make amends by working at a shelter, leading to a bond with Moore that even the greatest tragedy couldn’t break. With Jon Voight, Olivia Holt.

Farewell My Lovely/The Big Sleep

This collection of Robert Mitchum noir classics from the 1970’s includes Farewell, My Lovely and The Big Sleep — both of which star Mitchum as Raymond Chandler’s world-weary private eye, Philip Marlowe.

Steve McQueen: American Icon

This fascinating documentary chronicles the untold true story of the spiritual quest of Hollywood legend Steve McQueen. Riveting and unforgettable, this film sheds new light on one of the entertainment world’s most enduring stars.

The Legend of Hillbilly John

Mountain folk swear it’s true! Based on two of Manly Wade Wellman’s short stories, this unusual fantasy focuses on the character the author only referred to as “John.” A silver-stringed-guitar-strumming balladeer from the Appalachians, John (Hedges Capers) embarks on a bizarre journey to combat the evil of Satan himself that sees him encountering a giant bird, a sinister undertaker (Harris Yulin), a witch (Susan Strasberg), and more. With Severn Darden, Denver Pyle, R.G. Armstrong.


Diabolical thriller stars Simone Signoret as Lisa Schindler, a German immigrant woman who, while peddling cosmetics door to door, happens upon bored Manhattan socialites Paul (James Caan) and Jennifer Montgomery (Katharine Ross). After revealing she possesses psychic abilities, the Montgomerys ask Lisa to devise strange and kinky games for them to play. But when one of her “games” turns deadly, all manner of twists and turns occur. With Don Stroud, Kent Smith; Curtis Harrington directs.