Say Hello to the 1933 Pre-Code Farce “Goodbye Again”

Based on the Broadway farce of the same name by Allan Scott and George Haight (the latter of which was an acclaimed screenwriter who wrote the classics Top Hat and Follow the Fleet among many more), Goodbye Again stars Warren William as successful novelist Ken Bixby. What should be an ordinary book tour turns into any nut when he encounters college fling Julie Wilson (Genevieve Tobin) — who is certain she was the inspiration for his latest impassioned heroine. How will Julie’s efforts to stoke old fires sit with Ken’s infuriated assistant (Joan Blondell)…much less her own wealthy but clueless husband (Hugh Herbert)? We dare not reveal the twists and turns that lead to the hilarious conclusion, but suffice to say there are plenty of laughs to be found along the way.

Casablanca helmer Michael Curtiz directed this co-production from First National Pictures and Warner Brothers. It is now available from the Warner Archive Collection.