How Many Of These Recent Releases Have You Seen?

Life is nothing if not busy. The rat race has been running for centuries and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. So while you balance your work, family, and relationship responsibilities, we hope that you are finding the time to practice some self-care by doing things that make you happy. And what can bring a smile to a face quicker than watching a fun, favorite flick? Here’s a rundown of some recent releases that you might have missed. We think you’ll agree that checking some of these out will help melt the stress away…even if it is just for a few hours!


With his deployment to the front of WWI imminent, British soldier Jack Ingleside (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) found a side to childhood friend Molly Prescott (Rose Hobart) he never saw before…but discovered his also-conscripted brother Tom (Anthony Bushell) was smitten with her, as well. As they head off to combat, will callous fate allow the siblings to make their peace? Effective battle drama also stars Holmes Herbert, Mary Forbes, Edmund Breon.

Ghostbusters Collection

If there’s something strange on your TV set, who you gonna call? This two disc-set includes the original Ghostbusters film from 1984, 1989’s Ghostbusters II, and the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters.

Don Knotts Comedy Collection: 5 Classic Movies

This three-disc set of Don Knotts classics includes The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Reluctant Astronaut, The Shakiest Gun in the West, The Love God?, and How to Frame a Figg.

Romeo and Juliet (1936)

Admittedly well overage for the title roles as Shakespeare’s doomed teenaged lovers, Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer offered nonetheless convincing performances, in this lushly–and faithfully–rendered filming of the famed tragedy. George Cukor directs an able supporting cast that includes John Barrymore, Basil Rathbone, Edna May Oliver, C. Aubrey Smith, Reginald Denny, and Andy Devine; Irving Thalberg’s last completed production for M-G-M.

The Super

Tightwad Manhattan slumlord Louie Kritski (Joe Pesci) didn’t care about the shabby state of his inner-city tenement, or his tenants’ complaints…until a court order forced him to live in the building until it got brought up to code. Soon he’s facing the same hardships as the rat-trap’s residents, and eventually recognizes his insensitivity to their plight. Witty social comedy scripted by Sam Simon co-stars Ruben Blades, Vincent Gardenia, Madolyn Smith Osborne.

Duckman: The Complete Series

Based on the popular Dark Horse Comics character, this offbeat animated series aired on USA Network from 1994-97. Eric Tiberius Duckman (voiced by Jason Alexander) is a lazy, obnoxious, lewd, and rude duck who lives with his late wife’s identical twin sister and his three sons while (barely) working as a private investigator. Also features the voices of Nancy Travis, Elizabeth Daily, Gregg Berger, Dweezil Zappa. All 70 episodes from the series are included in this 10-disc set.

Judgment Night

While driving to a boxing match, four suburban guys (Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Stephen Dorff, Jeremy Piven) elect the fateful choice of a short cut through the wrong part of town. Quickly getting lost, they wind up as eyewitnesses to a drug-related murder…and now the only fight they’ll see is one for their lives, as the killer (Denis Leary) and his hoods take off in pursuit. Urban cat-and mouse thriller also stars Peter Greene, Everlast.

The Cemetery Club

Widowed old friends Esther Moskowitz (Ellen Burstyn), Doris Silverman (Olympia Dukakis), and Lucille Rubin (Diane Ladd) could gratefully fall back on their regular get-togethers to visit their husbands’ graves and reflect on life. The group dynamic might start shifting for good, however, when Esther becomes the recipient of romantic attention from an understanding widower (Danny Aiello). Winning dramedy also stars Lainie Kazan, Christina Ricci, Bernie Casey.

Trouble Bound

Ex-con Harry Talbot (Michael Madsen) though his luck was finally changing as he tooled through the Nevada desert in the convertible he won at poker, with gorgeous hitcher Kit (Patricia Arquette) seated in shotgun. He’s got another think coming, as his new ride came complete with a corpse in the trunk…and Kit turns out to be a mob daughter out to kill a rival capo. Hip, modern-day film noir co-stars Billy Bob Thornton, Seymour Cassel, Paul Ben-Victor.

Savage Attraction (AKA Hostage)

Purportedly based on a true story, this gripping drama focuses on Christine (Kerry Mack), a young woman living in 1980s Australia who is horrified to discover that her new husband, Walter (Ralph Schicha), is actually a Nazi. Christine becomes little more than Walter’s prisoner, subjected to brutal physical and emotional abuse and forced to participate in a dangerous bank robbery to prove her loyalty to the Nazi party. With Gabriella Barraket, Judy Nunn, Vic Robins. AKA: “Hostage.”