Movie Trailer of the Day: “Selma”

As our country commemorates the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. today, we encourage you to take the time to watch 2014’s Selma. The gripping fact-based drama chronicles King, Jr.’s historic 1965 attempt to help secure equal rights for African-American voters. As King (David Oyelowo) leads a march between Alabama cities Selma and Montgomery, he’s met with opposition from Governor George Wallace (Tim Roth), while President Lyndon Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) is forced to choose which side of this civil rights struggle he’ll come down on. With Carmen Ejogo, Common, Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Oprah Winfrey (who also produced).

Selma is a compelling film on this day, and all others.

An earlier version of this post originally ran last year and it is being republished today as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.