Rick & Morty’s Pickle Rick Is Now a Collectible Funko Pop!

Since it debuted back in 2013 on Adult Swim, Rick & Morty has become a breakout phenomenon due to its intelligence and often bleak worldview. And the fact that it is incredibly funny helps to. Arguably the most popular episode to date was last year’s “Pickle Rick,” in which Rick, well, turns himself into a pickle. Really, you kind of have to see it for yourself.

Naturally, Pickle Rick became a phenomenon, with the character instantly becoming a meme and a cosplay favorite. (Just attend any kind of pop culture or comic book convention and you’ll see plenty of folks dressed up in green and shouting “PICKLE RIIIIIIIICKKKK” constantly).

And now you can enjoy the goofy grown gherkin majesty of Pickle Rick anytime thanks to Funko. As part of their endlessly awesome line of Pop! vinyl figures, they’ve released two versions of Pickle Rick, the standard one seen above, and one in which he is carrying a laser:

Both of these come packaged in a window box, with each figure measuring 3 3/4 inches. They are the ideal item for anyone who has fallen in love with the weird and wonderful world of Rick & Morty.

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