Create-A-Caption: The Thing

This latest Create-A-Caption comes to us from John Carpenter‘s 1982 version of The Thing. Don’t worry though, we aren’t going to gross you out by showing you one of the flick’s creepy creatures, instead the following image chronicles what happens when the arctic crew discover an alien ship. Leave your caption in the comments below!

There’s no way I’m shoveling it out of there.

This post originally ran in January, and is being reprinted today as part of our ongoing Summer of Sci-Fi series of articles.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    OK; I’ll admit, I left the key in the front door. I will even admit there was always a possibility somebody might steal ……..I don’t know……..a copier, some food out of the breakroom.

    THEY STOLE THE BUILDING!!! No way you can blame me for that!