Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Character from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”?

Underappreciated during its original 1993-99 run, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is now considered to be a pioneer in serialized dramatic storytelling…with many fans believing it to be the best Star Trek series overall thanks to its believable characters and mix of conflict, humor and excitement. With the show currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, we thought we’d ask you to name your favorite DS9 character. This is no small feat given the series’ unparalleled lineup of main and supporting characters, so you’ll need to think this one over a bit before voting.

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  • Movie Fan

    Odo is my favorite character on DS9 because he’s unique. A shapeshifter in charge of security isn’t a run-of-the-mill character!

  • rgordon7

    Serious omission… The Grand Nagus (Zek) of course! So, “Other”…

  • FR3

    Where’s Ezri Dax?