R.I.P. Jerry Van Dyke: 1931-2018

Jerry Van Dyke, the beloved comic actor (and younger brother of Dick Van Dyke) died this past Friday at his ranch in Malvern, Arkansas at the age of 86. Best known for his portrayal of wacky assistant coach Luther Van Dam on the 1989 to 97 ABC sitcom Coach, Van Dyke was a Hollywood favorite in film and on television since he began his career in the early 1960s.

In 1965, he starred in the notorious (and mercifully short-lived) sitcom My Mother the Car. That show may have been a disaster, but Van Dyke’s career emerged from it unscathed. His charm and affable nature led him to a series of everyman roles that continued through to his death. Van Dyke also was a staple on late night talk shows, where his warm personality shined through. Here he is in a memorable 1994 appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman:

He also did a 2015 guest appearance on The Middle, which paired him with his showbiz sibling:

Share your favorite memories of Jerry Van Dyke below. He was a lovable great who we shall remember always.