Of the Celebrities We Lost in 2017, Who Will You Miss the Most?

Mary Tyler Moore. Della Reese. Bill Paxton. Tom Petty. These are just a mere handful of the many celebrities we lost in 2017. As a new year gets underway, take a last look back at those influential entertainers who helped shape our culture. Let us know which of these iconic performers that you will miss the most by voting below.

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  • rocky-o

    so many good ones, both on this list and left off…

    gotta throw a vote for david cassidy…

  • SteveinSedona

    So many good ones gone this year; sorry I could only pick one. But I had to go with Harry Dean Stanton, mostly because I just saw “Lucky”. Phenomenal picture, but not if you’re looking for action. It was Harry’s way of saying goodbye, just like John Wayne did with “The Shootist.”
    RIP Harry “Things just ain’t workin out for me today.”

  • richardpeck

    Robert Osborne, the heart and soul of Turner Classic Movies

  • peterheyes

    Where was David Cassidy’s name???

    • momcat1948

      Of this list, he would have been who I voted for. Too many of them left off.

  • SteveinSedona

    Maybe next year there’ll be some Kardashians on the list. One can only hope.

    • John

      Then every publication on every newsstand will have something splashed about all of them and their auxiliaries for the next century or so. Not to mention the Web. Better to leave ’em be.

  • Movie Fan

    Glen Campbell was a gifted musician whose contributions will be missed. I will also miss Robert Osborne, Turner Movie Classics. I enjoyed his chats about the movies.

  • jpp452

    I’ll miss Adam West, whose ongoing guest appearances on various television shows were always full of self-deprecating humour. Farewell, Batman and the Mayor of Quahog.