“The Emoji Movie”: From Smartphones to the Big Screen

We live in surprising times. I mean, who ever thought they’d see the day when Patrick Stewart would voice a sentient piece of poop? But we do, and we have The Emoji Movie to thank. (Well, depending on your point of view).

Located inside a teenager’s smartphone, the city of Textopolis is home to an entire community of emoji symbols, each with a singular purpose. When Gene (voiced by T.J. Miller) realizes he’s capable of more expressions than his “meh” persona should allow, he embarks on a daring adventure to have himself reprogrammed. Will Gene wind up just like all the other emojis, or will he learn the importance of being different? James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph also lend their voices to this computer-animated tale.

Just a reminder: This actually is a real thing:

Again, we live in the best of all possible worlds.

So folks what do you think: Does this sound like a fun family flick, or the weirdest animated effort in years? Does it make you LOL or say OMG then turn red with anger and/or disgust? Share your thoughts below…in actual words or emojis, whatever you prefer!