Poll: What’s the Best Third Movie In a Series?

When it comes to movies, when is the third time the charm? From Return of the Jedi to Captain America: Civil War and beyond, this week’s poll asks you to name what you think the best third movie in a film franchise is.

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  • http://themidnitedrive-in.blogspot.com Quiggy

    So many good choices. (And one bad one… Did anybody really like The Godfather Part III?)
    I voted for Army of Darkness just because it hadn’t gotten any votes yet. But I liked Indiana Jones III and Star Wars III. (Although, technically that last one is really Star Wars VI…)

    • garykevinware

      I voted for The Godfather, Part III. Sure, it is vastly inferior to the first two films, although I don’t think that it is as bad as some people think, but at least it draws the series to a definitive end, instead of dragging things out, as with some of these movie ‘franchises’.

      • richardpeck

        Agree. It showed the complete devolution of Michael into a very bad guy

        • garykevinware

          I think that it is more a case that Michael became a bad guy starting in the first movie and finally gets his comeuppance in the last movie.

  • Duke

    Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is perhaps the greatest movie ever made. For sheer emotional power not many match what transpires in that film. It got my vote easily.

    • WDPjr

      I’m w/you, Duke. LotR by a long shot for this effort. I prefer the extended version on Blu-ray disc myself.

  • Kerry

    I also voted for Army of Darkness mainly because I thought it was far and away better than Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2, neither of which I liked much at all (although I’m not a fan of horror). I enjoyed Army of Darkness since it had a lot more humor and much higher production values. For others on the list, I didn’t think there was as big a difference between the third film and the first two; even if in some cases the third film WAS indeed my favorite (such as for Last Crusade or Azkaban).