Poll: What’s Your Favorite Horror TV Show?

For nearly as long as TV has been around, horror programs have been conjuring up scares through the airwaves. As our month-long MovieFanFare frightfest continues, we want you to vote for your favorite horror television shows — from Alfred Hitchcock Presents to Dark Shadows to Penny Dreadful and beyond. And if your favorite isn’t listed, vote “Other” and tell us what it is in the comments!

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  • http://themidnitedrive-in.blogspot.com Quiggy

    I have yet to see Penny Dreadful. I have heard it is quite good. I have to go with the original Twilight Zone, however. But there was a TV series I remember from the early 80’s. I think it was “Dark Room”. It only lasted about 3 or 4 weeks, unfortunately. But I still remember the first episode to this day. It had a guy who found out his short wave radio was receiving signals from a ship that his father had been on in WWII that had eventually been torpedoed by a Nazi submarine. He found out he could communicate with the ship and convinced it that the sub was near and saved the ship. The twist was his father was now still alive in the present, but the Nazis had won the war.

  • John Peters

    Hey! You left out Thriller hosted by Boris Karloff! It came out for a few seasons around 1959-1960. Some were dumb murder mysteries but others were the greatest creepiest horror TV episodes that I’ve ever seen.

    • Pat Alfus

      Gee, TOTALLY forgot about that until I saw your note. Always felt it was a Twilight Zone rip-off. However, this then 7 yr old really was only watching the cartoons. Merely watched TZ when my grandfather was around – to calm me. Eventually got my initial degree in Geological Science (later on Library Master) and became a firm SciFi buff.

  • pocroc

    The scariest, creepyist TV show ever was not on the list-ONE STEP BEYOND, with host John Newland. When the sinister music started you knew what next was not good. THRILLER was next and you left that out. Sorry, TWILIGHT ZONE was not horror, nor ALFRED HITCHCOCK.

  • ndebrabant1228

    Forever Knight. Not much horror, but plenty of Vampires.

    • momcat1948

      I liked the movie but not so much the series. If you haven’t seen the movie with Bruce Springstein you have missed something.

  • Pete

    What about “Thriller” hosted by Boris Karloff???

    • momcat1948

      Oh I loved that show! Boris Karloff is one of a kind.

  • cclawnj

    Hard to choose between several of these!

  • Movie Fan

    My favorite horror series was the recently concluded “Bates Motel,” the story of how Norman Bates became a killer. Another favorite is “American Horror Story.” It’s well-written, with an excellent cast. Not for the fainthearted!

  • bassplayersal

    For me , when I was a kid, it would have to be “One Step Beyond”. That would really creep me out. Especially because the stories were based on actual events. Another favorite for me, when I was a kid, was the “Jeepers Creepers” show. Loved that show!

  • John

    Though the Hitch, Karloff and John Newland series had their moments, and some of The (original) Outer Limits scared the marmalade out of me on broadcast premiere, The (original) Twilight Zone took the solid gold screamer…and yet, even at an impressionable age, it didn’t scare me behind the couch. One reason, for all of about 15 seconds before the end credits, was seeing Rod Serling invite the viewership to return.

    Fast forward a little over a decade and I DID see Rod at a college lecture. One of the least frightening people you could imagine, with a smile and laugh that lit up the auditorium. “The kids” loved him. And he proved it was all as much entertainment to him as it was to us.

  • niki ninehundred

    night gallery…man oh man!! that intro music!

  • AbbysBiggestFan

    Twlight Zone won and I truly love the series but it wasn’t scary as much as a social commentary on man but I guess that is scary because many episodes where extremely accurate.

    I loved Friday the 13th the series. It really was a great show at least the first 2 seasons were.