Tell Us What Your Favorite Slasher Film Is!

Chh-chh-chh! Ahh-ahh-ahh! As our October-long celebration of the horror genre rolls on, we want you to tell us all about which slasher film (the subgenre gets its name from how its dark antagonists often use knives to carve up their victims) is your favorite. Will it be one of the entries from the Halloween or Friday the 13th franchises? Or perhaps a one-off fright flick like the underrated Terror Train is more to your liking? Heck, those Child’s Play movies are super fun too. Let us know in the comments below, and try to fit in some scary viewing this weekend!

  • Quiggy

    The one that started it all (at least in my opinion)… Psycho.

  • Greg Frank

    While Psycho is terrifying and great, I would say as far as slashers go the best is between Nightmare on Elm Street and Bay of Blood as the best of them.

  • momcat1948

    Hitchcock’s Psycho has to be the best ever!

  • John

    I was introduced to Psycho on the ‘tube in the worst possible way: A dark and stormy night at home ALONE. No spoiler alert, but Mother’s introduction started things really…rolling.

    • The Jimster

      I first saw it at home with some of my frat buddies. After the shower scene they broke away for a commercial break featuring …Ginsu knives!

      • John

        And by the time Hitch was done with me in that final close-up of Norman I called him a sunuva (sea-cook) out loud.