This Collection Celebrates Jean Harlow’s Enduring Legacy

Although she was only 26 when she died of kidney disease in 1937, Jean Harlow left an indelible mark on the entertainment through her memorable film roles. The too-brief life of the “Platinum Blonde” is celebrated in the release Jean Harlow: 7 Film Collection. Recently released as part of the Warner Archive Collection, the set gathers an assortment of her best loved works. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Hollywood’s legendary “blonde bombshell,” Jean Harlow, shines in this seven-disc set. Harlow plays a cannery worker who falls for a fisherman/union activist (Spencer Tracy), in the drama Riffraff (1935), co-starring Mickey Rooney. Jean plays the title role in the WWI melodrama Suzy (1936), where she thinks her inventor husband Terry (Franchot Tone) was killed by spies, moving to Paris and marrying a pilot (Cary Grant)…only to learn Terry survived. A playboy (Robert Taylor) is coaxed into keeping an eye on a bankrupt widow (Harlow), in the romantic comedy Personal Property (1937). And in Jean’s final film, “Saratoga” (1937), she’s a horse breeder’s daughter who’s drawn to a bookie (Clark Gable). With Lionel Barrymore. Also includes Bombshell, The Girl from Missouri, and Reckless.

Jean Harlow: 7-Film Collection is available now.