Remembering Frank Vincent: A True Goodfella

Veteran character actor great Frank Vincent died yesterday at the age of 80 due to complications from heart disease. Having worked steadily in Hollywood from 1976 to last year, Vincent is best known for his acclaimed collaborations with Martin Scorsese, for whom he made Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino. It was that trio of performances that established him as pop culture’s no-nonsense tough guy. Roles in high-profile projects such as Copland and as a recurring character on The Sopranos followed, and Vincent even parlayed his success into the 2006 offbeat self-help book A Guy’s Guide to Being a Man’s Man. Despite his gruff on-screen persona, Vincent was considered one of the nicest guys in the industry — a sharp contrast from the characters that made him famous. Above I’ve embedded my favorite on-screen moment from Frank Vincent, the infamous “go get your shinebox” scene from Goodfellas. Due to the clip’s extreme language and violence, it is NSFW, so you are best waiting until you get home to check it out. Until then, I encourage you to take a few minutes to think about Vincent’s unforgettable career and reflect on a cinematic hood with a heart of gold.