Poll: De Niro or Pacino?

We’re keeping things simple this week by asking you to tell us which of the following actors is your favorite: Robert De Niro or Al Pacino? Vote below, then tell us who you picked and why in the comments!

De Niro or Pacino? That’s a tough choice. Your work is cut out for you.

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  • Bryan Ruffin

    Cudos, guys!! This one is the toughest yet!

  • Julie Elandt

    Pacino is my favorite and I still enjoy his movies. However, De Niro has made a lot of bad movies the past few years. Seems like he is just going through the motions in the movies so he can make some money. I love De Niro too, but mostly his earlier movies.

    • Charles M Lee

      That is a very good point about Di Niro’s movie choices, But to me, the good outweighs the bad.

  • Charles M Lee

    I really love them both as actors, it was a tough choice but I chose Di Niro as I really like many of his movies.

    • Julie Elandt

      I agree, his good movies are legendary. No one can say he isn’t one of the best actors of all time.

  • richardpeck

    DeNiro has range and can be funny. Pacino makes me tired–“Insomnia” was well cast

  • Gary

    Both are undeniably talented actors, and both have certainly done their share of both great and lousy movies. I also agree that both probably did their best acting much earlier in their careers. Of the two, I prefer DeNiro, who has shown over time a little broader range in my view. Pacino was great in the Godfather and Godfather 2, and showed interesting evolution in both his acting chops and the character’s development by the time he got to the third installment. After that, however, he seems to have developed, and then relied upon, one main device, which is to get really loud and yell to show character depth. The problem is that he now uses that same device in almost every role he plays, and seems to have gotten stuck or lazy with that. DeNiro could probably be accused of a little of the same problem, but he has remained a little more likeable in his portrayals. For example, even though Analyze This and its sequel were hardly great movies, he made his character genuinely funny and likeable. Pacino has become somewhat tiresome.

  • WerewolfVm

    I wished DeNiro stayed out of the political jabbering and his rants. I really felt bad about him because of his rants. It bothered me to stop watching his movies because of it. He lost face with many fans.

    • PKC

      Even celebrities are entitled to speak out. They don’t give away their right to freedom of speech because they are famous. 1st Amendment.

      • WerewolfVm

        Yes but do you as a private citizen have the means of a huge platform to throw such ignorant rants and threats towards the President and get away with it? DeNiro is using his popularity to step over everyone’s right to speak as well. Just because he’s an actor does not make him better than anyone else! He is just an actor nothing special. Way too much liberalism which will destroy our country and our freedoms. People are such sheep, sheeple!

        • PKC

          Would you feel the same if a celebrity agreed with your beliefs? America is a country of one person, one vote. Grant people the intelligence of making up their own minds. It’s a violation of the constitution to deny a celebrity the right to speak. Controlling what the media reports is also counter to a free press.

  • Movie Fan

    Both men remind me of an uncle, somebody close to the family but still a bit mysterious. Robert DeNiro is the fun uncle, the one who sips a little too much wine and flirts with disaster. Al Pacino is the tragic uncle, the one who can’t seem to catch an even break. I prefer Robert DeNiro’s onscreen presence. He always looks as if he heard a joke that’s just a little too bawdy to share.

  • Robert Velez

    Pacino wins by a landslide! I am a proud Hispanic and Scarface is perhaps Pacino’s best movie and De Niro has made too many stinkers for my liking plus DE Niro would not know how to play a hispanic person if his life depended on it! Plus, The Godfather would never be the same without Pacino anyway! By the way, the two of them are making another movie together called The Irishman which is set for release in late 2018!

  • William Proctor

    DeNiro lacks Pacinos intensity.

  • S. Cummings

    De Nero . His films and performances are classic. He has the same energy as James Cagney. He flawlessly moves from one film genre to another.

    • PKC

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

  • John

    Tie in regulation time, settled by penalty shots, sudden d…okay, they’re BOTH good.

  • gpgraph1

    They are both consummate actors, however De Niro has done more work of recent past and he makes acting look effortless.

  • Charlene Cannon

    DeNiro and Pacino are both great but deniro needs to cool his crap about trump Clinton was no patron saint her lies emails Clinton fund and benqusi . Benito is no way near James Cagney. Cagney sings dance and when he acts he can change and talk in different actions. DeNiro is always same dumb talk and sometimes can’t understand what he says. Don’t insult Cagney with DeNiro