Great Movie Scenes: Rick And Ilsa Say Goodbye in “Casablanca”

Here’s looking at you, film fans!

There are great movie scenes and then there’s what many consider to be the greatest movie scene of all time: Rick (Humphrey Bogart) putting Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) on a plane and saying farewell in Casablanca.

The star-crossed romance of these beloved characters has been tugging on heartstrings for 75 years now, and why not? For theirs is a wrenchingly beautiful and devastating love that has resonated with audiences for generations. We will have much more on Casablanca as its anniversary year continues, but for now let us know why you love this classic scene so much in the comments, and be sure to check out our Casablanca archives! (And we would love to know what you think the best scene of all time is as well).

  • Gary

    No question; one of the all-time best scenes. Don’t know if it was THE best, but could be close. Bogart seems to capture the ‘meaning of it all’ across a broad range of human themes in his lines there, while staying totally in character as Rick. And the choice he makes to resolve the dilemma facing the three characters is as noble as it could be (I guess we should thank the writers for that); but he pulls it off, still makes Ilsa happy (though not totally without remorse), and still goes on being Rick as he walks off with Claude Rains…..

  • speedle24

    Casablanca had many great scenes including the goodbye scene above. I always thought the scene in the cafe when Rick explained he was “misinformed” about the medicinal advantages of Casablanca was classic subtle dialogue.