Poll: What’s Your Favorite Steven Spielberg Theatrical Film?

With Close Encounters of the Third Kind currently enjoying a 40th anniversary re-release in theaters, we wanted you to sound off about which of the following magical movies from Steven Spielberg was your favorite! And share your thoughts on all things Spielberg in the comments!

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  • William Proctor

    1941 was my favorite. It had an all star cast but no publicity because the movie was so expensive to make.

  • speedle24

    I think a sleeper in all this is “Empire of the Sun”. It was very well done and had historical significance.

  • Michael Boyd

    I thought “Always” should have been included in this vote. Very good, underrated Spielberg Gem.

  • richardpeck

    Saving Private Ryan, especially bone-weary Tom Hanks, really conveyed the real feel of war

  • Alexander Gavin

    I assume the “other” category would have the brilliant movie Duel in it. It deserves better.