Movie Trailer of the Day: Working Girl

For anyone possessing “a head for business and a bod for sin” and movie lovers in general, Working Girl is a delightful experience that touts the virtues of following your dreams. The 1988 smash comedy sensation stars Melanie Griffith as a Manhattan secretary whose yearning for a better life for herself leads her to make a daring attempt to climb the corporate ladder by putting together a deal with investment banker Harrison Ford after her brutal boss Sigourney Weaver breaks her leg. Of course, he attempts to become a success won’t be easy, but with a little moxie and a lot of heart, she slowly uncovers the secret of her success.

Nearly 30 years after it initially hit theaters, the movie hasn’t lost any of its comedic punch. In fact, with the exception of the outdated fashions and hairstyles, the film still feels current. The great plot and pitch perfect casting (Harrison Ford really should do more comedies, as this, the 1995 remake of Sabrina and Six Days, Seven Nights illustrates perfectly) and winning turns from Joan Cusack (who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress for her role here) and Alec Baldwin make Working Girl a perennial favorite. Given that the long Labor Day weekend is upon us, we recommend spending sometime with this workplace comedy masterwork!