Open Thread: What Movie Do You Hate That Everyone Else Loves?

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for another Open Thread. This week, I want to hear about you going against the grain and hating a movie that, for some reason, seems to be universally beloved but whose appeal is completely and utterly lost on you. I’ll go first. I loathe Forrest Gump. Even though I like Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis gets a lifetime pass from me due to his involvement in the Back to the Future¬†trilogy, I think that Gump is overlong and filled with characters and situations that feel contrived at best and annoying at worst. (And don’t get me started about how it won the Oscar for Best Picture). I’m not saying this to be a contrarian, it just isn’t a film that appeals to me, and I’m certain that most of you reading this disagree with me. Which is exactly the point of this article. So instead of telling me what a jerk I am for not thinking that life is like a box of chocolates, tell me in the comments below what movie or movies you hate that everyone else seems to adore. There are no wrong answers here, just differing opinions fueled by a love of motion pictures that all of us share.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    Rocky Horror Picture Show! In my opinion< the single biggest waste of film…….EVER! Others? They still,seem, to flock to the thing like it means something. I never saw why.

    • momcat1948

      I only made it through about 3 minutes of this show before deciding it was a total waste of time to watch it. I don’t get the appeal.

  • momcat1948

    Actually I agree with you 100 percent! I am not a big fan of Tom Hanks, but over and above that, I found the movie very condescending to those who are inflicted with cerebral palsy. I happened to have a brother with that condition and, while he could not express himself clearly to most people, he was quite brilliant. I also was not impressed with the latest ‘Titanic’ movie with whatever non acting ability so called stars were in it.

    • Butch Knouse


  • gcarterm

    Today’s #1 winner of ya-gotta-be-kiddin’: “La La Land.” I’d rather drink castor oil spiked with lemon juice than ever see this again. Mediocre to bad songs, in you face cuteness, and the many reasons people who don’t like Broadway shows don’t.

    Looking back, a few years ago my friend and I, both movie buffs, decided to take a second look at those war horse treasures we, of a certain age, grew up with. Using the word “hate” for them is too strong; how about just outrageously over-rated. First on my list is “Around the World in 80 Days.” Pretentious to the max, geared completely toward audience pleasing, and downright silly. It could be cut down to a nice ten minute travelogue. “The High and the Mighty,” despite Robert Osborne’s plea to view it in the context of the time it was made, brought us to laughter during several scenes. “High Noon” didn’t make my my list only because it’s the template for the man-alone movie that so many later westerns use, but after sixty-five years it came across as nothing more than a novelty. I can hear a reader saying, “Somebody get a rope!”

  • b nonymous

    PULP FICTION – a lot of people love it, but I’m not one of them. I’ve been finding films by Quentin Taratino and frankly tarabul. terrible.