Billy Jack Is Back In a New Collection

One of this week’s most exciting new releases is Billy Jack: The Complete Collection. The four movies in the Billy Jack saga are among the most beloved action/drama films of all time, and now they are available in a new set. This four-disc set includes:

Born Losers (1967)

The character of Billy Jack was first introduced in this wild biker flick, with Tom Laughlin as the half-Indian Vietnam vet Billy standing up to the vicious Born Losers Motorcycle Club. With no help from the police or residents of Big Rock, California, Billy helps a young dropout (Elizabeth James) break free from the Born Losers. With Jeremy Slate, Jack Starrett, Susan Foster, and a special appearance by Jane Russell; directed by T.C. Frank (Laughlin).

Billy Jack (1971)

Tom Laughlin directed, wrote, starred in, and probably delivered the film for this legendary saga of half-breed, karate-trained war hero Billy Jack, who defends the counterculture students at the Freedom School from bigoted townspeople. Action-drama with a message that became a cult favorite co-stars Delores Taylor, Kenneth Tobey, Bert Freed; look closely for Howard Hesseman. The soundtrack includes the hit song “One Tin Soldier” by Coven.

The Trial Of Billy Jack (1974)

Tom Laughlin is back as pacifist Native American martial arts expert Billy Jack in this powerhouse drama. When the Freedom School is occupied by the National Guard, Billy springs into action, battling the military and rednecks who want to take the freedom out of the Freedom School. With Delores Taylor, Master Bong Soo Han, and Sacheen Littlefeather.

Billy Jack Goes To Washington (1977)

In this reworking of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Tom Laughlin’s Billy Jack fills the unexpired term of a deceased U.S. senator and tries to expose the corruption and conspiracies that engulf the U.S. government. Delores Taylor, Lucie Arnaz, E.G. Marshall, Peter Donat, Pat O’Brien, Suzanne Somers, and Sam Wanamaker also star; Frank Capra, Jr. co-produced.

Special features include audio commentary. So, who’s up for a Billy Jack marathon?