“The Zookeeper’s Wife” and More DVD/Blu-ray New Releases

There’s moving dramas, engaging thrillers, a music-based exploration of love and longing, and so much more now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Check out what movies you’ll want to be watching this weekend!

The Zookeeper’s Wife
In 1939, Antonina and Jan Zabinski (Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh) were proud of their laborious and humane efforts as custodians of the Warsaw Zoo. Their lives would be forever changed, however, with the onset of World War II–and they’d spend those tumultuous years shielding hundreds of fugitive Jews in the facility’s basements, while trying to keep Nazi-conscripted zoologist Lutz Heck (Daniel Brühl) and his suspicions at arm’s length. Niki Caro’s moving treatment of Diane Ackerman’s nonfiction chronicle also stars Iddo Goldberg, Efrat Dor, Timothy Radford

Vincent N Roxxy
After saving beautiful stranger Roxxy (Zoë Kravitz) from a violent encounter, Vincent (Emile Hirsch) offers her a place to lay low on his family’s farm. As their apparent connection slowly begins to develop into something much stronger, they find their lives taking a dangerous turn when the past catches up with them and it becomes all too clear that the incident that brought them together could lead to them being torn apart…or worse. Unusual romantic thriller also stars Zoey Deutch, Emory Cohen, Scott Mescudi.

Song to Song
As a young wannabe singer-songwriter (Rooney Mara) searches for elusive notice in the clutter of the Austin music scene, she finds her romantic attentions pulled between her seductive but shallow producer (Michael Fassbender) and a sensitive fellow performer (Ryan Gosling) hunting for his own break. Evocative, remarkable exploration of romance and need from Terrence Malick also stars Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Holly Hunter, Bérénice Marlohe, Val Kilmer, and a raft of musician cameos.

Defense contractor Neil (Sean Bean) lived a quiet suburban life, while managing to keep the true nature of his job–piloting drone strikes for the CIA–a secret from his family. Now, thanks to an online whistleblower, his anonymity is gone…and a Pakistani businessman (Patrick Sabongui), certain Neil’s responsible for the attack that claimed his own wife and daughter, has tracked him down for repayment in kind. Politically charged thriller co-stars Mary McCormack, Joel David Moore, Maxwell Haynes.

Awakening the Zodiac
Trailer park marrieds Mick and Zoe Branson (Shane West, Leslie Bibb) felt sure that their latest blind bid on an abandoned storage locker would finally yield paydirt. What they got was cases of film reels…that appeared to document the still-unsolved late-‘60s murder rampage of the Zodiac Killer. As the cash reward-hungry couple hunted for corroborative proof, somebody should have reminded them that the Zodiac was never caught…because he’s not real happy with their meddling. Stunner co-stars Matt Craven, Stephen McHattie, Nicholas Campbell.