The 1970s Favorites “Brannigan!” and “From Noon Till Three” Are Now Available

Earlier this week we told you about all the recent theatrical hits that have been released on home video this week, but you might not have realized that a pair of vintage gems have just hit DVD as well: The 1975 John Wayne actioner Brannigan! and the offbeat From Noon Till Three, starring Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland.

The former stars Wayne as veteran Chicago cop Lt. Jim Brannigan tasked with travelling to London and pick up a fugitive gangster (played skillfully by John Vernon) being held for extradition. When the hood is snatched by kidnappers, though, the detective is determined to get him back. Now, not only will Brannigan have to deal with a hit man sent to kill him, but also with a stuffy local police official (Richard Attenborough) who disapproves of his methods (and his revolver). Sunset actioner for the Duke co-stars Judy Geeson, Mel Ferrer.

As for From Noon Til Three, it is a western comedy starring Bronson as Graham Dorsey, a two-bit bank robber who has a brief (three passionate hours) affair with beautiful widow Amanda Starbuck (Ireland). She becomes famous and quite wealthy when she writes an exaggerated account of the outlaw’s exploits, transforming him into a legendary figure. Years later, the myths about Graham’s life are in danger of being rudely shattered when he shows up to contradict them. Co-stars Douglas Fowley, Stan Haze, Don “Red” Barry.

Both films have been released by KL Studio Classics, and this is especially interesting as they each feature their star taking on non-traditional roles that they didn’t usually play. Both Wayne and Bronson get to show off their acting chops in each of their respective characters here, and it’s a shame they didn’t have the opportunity to play more boundary-pushing types like this. (Bronson is especially great in a film that is punctuated with almost lovably goofy moments). Give these a few for lesser-known performances from two icons of the silver screen.