What Are Your Memories of Adam West and the 1960s Batman Series?

As we continue to mourn the passing of Adam West, we wanted to hear your memories of the Batman TV series. For a number of people, the show was not only their introduction to the character, but to a live-action version of a comic book in general. As such, it has had a profound and lasting impact on people. As someone who grew up in the late-1970s/early ’80s, Adam West was my Batman. Whether I watched his work in the TV series, oddities like the 1979 TV special Legends of the Superheroes or the many times he voiced the Caped Crusader on the various DC Comics cartoons, his performance was always embedded with a certain self-awareness that was really appealing. Perhaps this is why I continue to gravitate more towards the goofy, lighter Batman stuff than the Dark Knight aspect of the character’s persona.

Seeing what a pop culture juggernaut Adam West and the Batman show was, I wanted this weekend’s Open Thread to be a place where everyone could share their thoughts on the 1960s era of Batmania and its enduring legacy. I encourage you to utilize the comments as a forum to discuss anything and everything regarding this magical show. When did you first see the series? What did you think of Adam West’s performance? Why do you think the show resonated — and still does — with so many? Let us know below, old chums.