How Did Audiences Respond to Star Wars in 1977? Find Out Here!

Time travel is possible.

Think about it for a second. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can experience things you either weren’t around for the first time or want to go and relive. With the May the Fourth be with you celebrations of all things Star Wars being today, more people than usual find themselves looking backwards and wondering what it must have like to witness the wonder of the film for the very first time. We have some idea thanks to an audio recording from 1977 inside a movie theater in which we hear a crowd triumphantly respond to the Rebels’ assault on the Death Star. Listen to it and be transported back four decades to the early days of an enduring pop culture franchise:

It’s pure movie magic, as only Star Wars can deliver. This is what history sounds like.

This article originally ran on MovieFanFare in 2019, it is being reprinted today as we celebrate summer blockbusters.