Celebrate National Classic Movie Day By Letting Us Know What Your Favorite Film Is!

Today is National Classic Movie Day, the annual celebration of films from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Casablanca. Gone with the Wind. The Wizard of Oz. Rebel Without a Cause. Psycho. And on and on and on. What do all of these features have in common? They are among the greatest and most beloved pictures ever made…and they are ones being celebrated across the Internet today. (So be sure to check out our extensive archives and visit our friend Rick29 at the Classic Film and TV Cafe to see how he is celebrating the day with the Five Stars Blogathon that celebrates Tinseltown’s finest!)

Here’s the thing though, every decade has its share of classics. Citizen Kane is a classic, but Star Wars is too. Just because a film is more contemporary doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of being called a classic. So we’d like to expand the parameters of National Classic Movie Day to incorporate films from the 1970s to today. After all, any movie that means something important to you is a classic. So let us know what your favorite film is below…regardless of when it was released!