Open Thread: What’s Your Favorite Sitcom Theme Song?

These days, open credit sequences to sitcoms are few and far between. While you could spend your time lamenting this now-largely lost art form, instead we encourage you to reflect upon some of the greatest openings in sitcom history. From The Brady Bunch

To Cheers

To Friends

And beyond. These sequences establish tone and character, and often feature theme songs that are as catchy as they are unforgettable.

For this weekend’s Open Thread, tell us what your favorite sitcom theme is and why! With so many great options to choose from, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say on this matter!

  • Quiggy

    Ones with a funky theme, especially with a bass line that really cooks. “Sanford and Son” “Barney Miller” “Night Court” (What can I say, next to the banjo, I’ve always loved the bass guitar. Speaking of banjo, how about The Beverly Hillbillies? Although I prefer themes without lyrics, that one is pretty cool too)

  • Butch Knouse

    WKRP. Cheers. Hill St. Blues. Many, many good openings out there. They seem to be a dying art form.

    • Butch Knouse

      Forgot Peter Gunn.

  • momcat1948

    Gotta be MASH.

  • richardpeck

    Taxi. Nice, light, bluesy feel

  • Duke

    I always loved the theme to the original “Bob Newhart Show” with Suzanne Pleshette playing his wife Emily. It was a classy theme that was upbeat, and then mello and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Perfect theme song to a perfect show.

  • Andrew Joffe

    Barney Miller. Jazz theme where the solos were slightly different each season.

  • Steve in DC

    Laverne and Shirley!! Great theme song; great singing; great production. Also (much older): The Adventures of Superman.

  • Crutch

    The Beverly Hillbillies

  • lch1956

    How about the Monkees?? Also, Secret Agent, Patty Duke Show, Maverick, Simon&Simon, and Car 54 Where Are You? and the Odd Couple.

  • Jackie Burbridge-Casey

    Laverne & Shirley and The Andy Griffin Show, I can still hear my Grandma whistling along.

  • Rebel Ed

    I have to choose just ONE? I still like the obscure ones such as My Mother The Car, Quark, and Phyllis. Let’s not overlook a great instrumental used as the theme to Quantum Leap. Shoot, even Rocky & Bullwinkle has catchy music! Choose just one? As Natalie Schafer might say, “Never!”

  • TWJ

    As a kid my favorite theme was “Burke’s Law”. Now I would have to say Henry Mancini’s theme for “Newhart”, which has never been included in a CD collection that I know of. I do have another Mancini theme on CD, “What’s Happening?!?”

  • RICK

    The Dick Van Dyke Show.

  • Randy Abrams

    All in the Family for sure and Greatest American Hero ,

  • laustcawz

    Tough to pick just one, but “Get Smart” & “The Addams Family” come to mind.

  • Movie Fan

    I just listened to over an hour of theme songs on YouTube. Then I remembered “Harry And The Hendersons.”