To Me, She’s Royalty: My Favorite Carrie Fisher Interview

I’ve written before about how amazing of a talent that Carrie Fisher was, so given how today is the first May the Fourth Be With You celebration in which she is no longer with us I wanted to share the above video with you — which is my favorite interview with a celebrity ever. Originally aired on December 4, 2015 on Good Morning America, this interview features an especially cantankerous Fisher joined by her beloved comfort dog Gary as she appears to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Actually however, instead of promoting the film per se, Fisher shared her hilarious views on the industry and even took a few good-natured shots at GMA itself. Over the years she had a complicated relationship with Princess Leia, but it is so nice to see that towards the end of her life she had resolved any ambiguous feelings she had about the character. With Fisher now gone, her legacy not only exists in the films and written works that she left behind, but also in appearances like this one in which she is candidly, remarkably, and unabashedly herself. And we were so much the better for it.