May the Fourth Be With You!: There’s Nothing But Star Wars Today on MovieFanFare

Of all the manufactured Internet holidays that have overtaken online life, none is as fun as Star Wars Day. Held each year on May 4th (as in “may the fourth be with you,” in reference to the Star Wars saga most famous well-wishing phrase), the day gives fans of the behemoth sci-franchise yet another opportunity to celebrate all aspects of all galaxy far, far away. Today on MovieFanFare, we all celebrating all things Star Warsian by featuring posts that pay tribute to the sprawling space saga. We will get things started with the above classic sketch from Saturday Night Live in which Bill Murray — in character as Nick the Lounge Singer — gives the theme from Star Wars some hilariously out-of-this-world lyrics. Give it a watch above, then check back throughout the day to see what other May the Fourth Be With you treats we have for you!

(This post originally ran in 2018 and is being reprinted as we celebrate Star Wars Day!)