Open Thread: What’s Your Favorite Movie To Watch at Easter?

This Sunday is Easter! If you celebrate the holiday, by now you probably have your Easter bonnet (with all the frills upon it, natch) ready for the day’s festivities. But we’re also guessing that you’ll find some time over the weekend to enjoy your favorite seasonal film.

A personal favorite of mine is Easter Parade, the beloved Irving Berlin musical that was the only pairing between Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. (Which isn’t to downgrade Ann Miller‘s fantastic performance in the film).

So that’s my favorite movie to watch at Easter, but what’s yours? Take a break from dying eggs and eating chocolate to let us know below. And have a great holiday!

  • Quiggy

    Growing up I remember it was a tradition every year that one of the TV networks would broadcast the Charlton Heston extravaganza “The Ten Commandments”. (Although what that had to do with Easter is anybody’s guess.)

  • Barbara Cochrane

    My favorite was The Wizard of Oz, another Judy Garland flick. We were disappointed if one of the TV stations didn’t show it. And what THAT had to do with Easter is another mystery but we didn’t care or question it. It was just fun.