Bing Crosby and Fred MacMurray Shine in “Sing You Sinners”


One of the great things about our current era is that more movies than ever are being rescued from obscurity and released on DVD. Such is most definitely the case in with the 1938 Bing Crosby/Fred MacMurray musical comedy Sing You Sinners. In the film, Crosby (in one of his most underrated performances) portrays Joe Beebe, an small town guy who is largely dismissed by his community as a troublesome figure who is a bad influence upon his younger brothers David (Fred MacMurray) and Mike (the always great Donald O’Connor). Despite their problems, the siblings find true harmony when they perform together on stage — prompting Joe to convince his kind-hearted siblings that they should pack up and move to California to pursue a life in showbiz. Of course, things don’t go as planned, especially when Joe spends the family’s cash on a broken-down racehorse. Can the brothers somehow find a way to make music together? Packed with plenty of charm, fantastic supporting performances from Elizabeth Patterson and Ellen Drew, and memorable songs like “I’ve Got a Pocketful of Dreams,” and “Don’t Let That Moon Get Away,” Sing You Sinners is an enchanting classic that deserves to be rediscovered, and now it can be. We recommend that you check it out and be thrilled by its delights and great music as soon as possible.