Open Thread: Which Movie Romance Impacted Your Own Real-Life Love Story?


Love is on everybody’s mind today, so we wanted to you to take a moment from your romantic plans today to tell us about the ways movie romances have had an impact on your own love life. You see, films help shape the way we view the world and have an almost immeasurable impact upon the ways we think about love and the expectations we form about relationships. They also are often a huge part of Valentine’s Day, with people either sitting back to watch movies like Casablanca, Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, and so on.

Many of you probably went to the movies on your first date with your significant other. Or perhaps you took your approach to romance from an iconic silver screen character? In this special Open Thread, we want to know the ways in which movie love stories have impacted your own real-life love story. So share with us your special stories of love and the movies below, and happy Valentine’s Day!