Open Thread: Share Your Favorite Mary Tyler Moore Memories

The biggest news coming out of the entertainment world this week was the passing of Mary Tyler Moore at the age of 80. The actress/comedienne/activist was a true original whose impact upon pop culture is immeasurable. Each week, we wrap up our posts on MovieFanFare with an Open Thread in which we encourage you to share your thoughts on a variety of topics. This week’s subject was obvious since we heard the news of this painful Hollywood loss. Consider the comments section below to be a place to celebrate Mary Tyler Moore and all that she leaves behind. Whether you choose to discuss beloved episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (such as the iconic “Chuckles Bites the Dust”) or The Dick Van Dyke Show, or her various movie roles, consider this post a place to both mourn and remember. You could also discuss how Moore and her work touched your life personally. As the theme song to her show reminds us, “love is all around,” so let’s share some for Mary Tyler Moore and that she gave us below.