A Look Back At Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke’s Unmistakable Chemistry

It’s strange waking up to a world without Mary Tyler Moore. That was my first thought when I sat in front of the computer to begin today’s posts. She has been such an impactful force upon pop culture and the world that to realize all of her contributions are now in the past is a bitter pill to swallow. Yet there is still so much to be grateful for, with her impressive television legacy ensuring not only that she will never be forgotten, but that the gifts she leaves behind will inspire people for generations to come.

One of the most touching tributes since Moore’s passing has been CNN posting a segment in which Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke reunited on Larry king Live to discuss their work together on The Dick Van Dyke Show. The resulting conversation is not only an intimate glimpse into the lives of old friends, but a reminder of the unmistakable chemistry the pair shared. Give a watch, and then throw on your favorite episode of their pioneering sitcom.