Movie Trailer of the Day: Mildred Pierce

“The kind of woman most men want…but shouldn’t have.” Those words describe Mildred Pierce, the woman at the center of a Hollywood masterpiece. Joan Crawford won an Academy Award for her performance as the title character in this noirish favorite as the waitress-turned-businesswoman who struggles to provide a good life for her children, only to have older daughter Ann Blyth repay her by having an affair with her stepfather. Michael Curtiz (who also helmed Casablanca, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Four Daughters, and several other classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood) directs; with Zachary Scott, Jack Carson, Eve Arden.

  • Nathaniel Cerf

    Her wicked daughter Veda is the kind of woman most men want but shouldn’t have. Mildred comes off as an angel in the film. Virtuous, hardworking, devoted to her children to the point of criminal…that is until one of them brings home a wire hanger.