Go Into Hyperspace with the Original Trailer for “Star Wars”

“Somewhere in space this may all be happening right now”

Those words lead off the trailer to Star Wars, giving audiences across the globe their first introduction to a galaxy far, far away. Obviously, with today’s release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dominating the entertainment headlines (and the fact that it is a direct prequel to George Lucas‘ initial entry in his far-out space saga), there is no better film to be featured as the Movie Trailer of the Day today than Star Wars. What is most interesting about this trailer is how much it appears to be just another visually striking sci-fi film of the 1970s, with very little indication of the world-changing blockbuster it would become. Another interesting aspect of it is how it plays up the Luke/Leia relationship, with the film being “the story of a boy, a girl and a universe” and a saga of “rebellion and romance” — which is further indication that Lucas never intended for the pair to be brother and sister as he later claimed (and made happen in Return of the Jedi). Yet the roughness of the trailer aside, it is still effective in wanting to make me see the film…even though I already have hundreds of time.