Movie Trailer of the Day: There’s Something About Mary

Actor/comedian Ben Stiller turns 51 today, and we’re celebrating his birthday by featuring his most successful film, There’s Something About Mary as today’s trailer of the day! Originally released in 1998 (man, where did that time go?) this outrageous farce stars Stiller as a depressed writer who pines for Cameron Diaz, the beauty he was supposed to take to the prom 13 years earlier. Desperate to be reunited with her, he hires sleazy sleuth Matt Dillon to track her down, but when Dillon locates her in Florida, he gets the hots for her and loses sight of the job he is supposed to do. Hilarity, and an infamous hair gel joke, ensues. Do you have a favorite scene from this contemporary comedy favorite? If so, let us know. And happy birthday Ben!